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In Memory of Randy Pausch

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Randy Pausch passed away this week. This page is a tribute to him and the incredible legacy he left behind for all the world to ponder.


46 year old Carnegie-Mellon Professor Randy Pausch is a dreamer.

His positive outlook on life is remarkable, given his circumstances. After watching his story, in this Last Lecture, your life may never be the same

again. Please watch the entire video of The Last Lecture.  After you do, you'll understand why.



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Randy, may you rest now in our fatherís armsÖ

                   Janice, Connecticut



This is truly an inspirational video for Randyís children.  However, not only has he taught his children, he has taught the world a valuable lesson about life.  His family was blessed to have such a wonderful human being in their presence on a daily basis.  I hope that they are blessed always and can find the strength to carry on in his footsteps and continue his journey.  For his life does not end because his body remains in Godís earth, but his soul and his legacy will not die unless we allow it to.  Randy, what an amazing and incredible person that you are still.  Although your lips are silent, your voice is still heard around the globe. What an inspiration you are.  I thank you for your words and may they touch every person that they were suppose to.



Houston, TX










For Randy and Family,

This is my 2nd viewing. Randy lives on in our hearts and spirit.

If only the world were filled with men of such character. His

goodness, and wholeness has a way of touching our own soul.

As we think upon who Randy was, and how he lived his life, his good and wholeness will enter our own being by a gradual slow drip process.


Leta Head Carter




This was a very touching story to me..I saw this video in January and my father was diganosed with the same cancer Feb. 14th and passed on on Feb. 27th...this was a very touching story for me.





So sad to hear of his passing.

God obviously needed him with him.

A true inspiration and has changed the way I look at life and my priorities.

My hope is that his sons grow up and appreciate what a wonderful man their father was.


God bless,

Mick Baker





Randy is an inspiration, a light that shines!

This lecture is a wonderful legacy for his children.

Written with love in his heart, for his children

to help them embrace both his life and his death.

A greater gift couldn't be given

and I applaud Randy for writing this lecture

from his heart, to those who are dear to his heart.

This is a strong and positive message of hope, goodness,

and having no fear about what we face in life.

Love is the greatest of all, and his love will be felt

by millions of people, like a light shining to us all!

Gods Blessings are on all who embrace this message.

We have been blessed to have such a wonderful man

shine his light and open our eyes to his beautiful

view of this life, a better way to deal with our mortality

and also, what true love for life and your family is.

A legacy that won't be forgotten!

This little light of mine..I'm gonna let it shine!


Thank you Sonny for shining your light

by sharing all the wonderful uplifting messages

you share with us each week!



Dena J in Florida




Randy taught us all how to live...

He taught us the value in one day.

His words will linger with me forever.

I cannot say  enough good, about such an amazing man, he has touched so many with his wealth of optimism. I now wake up, and thank God for this day, never a complaint, remembering. this could be the last. I sat silently the day he passed....knowing I would miss his  posts in his online blog, more than once making me laugh, and always inspiring. To his family....You have known one of the best men...we will all miss him. He has changed my life for the better, along with so many others. My love to you.


Heidi Ruhl




That was inspirational


I had a friend pass away last week too


There was a lot to learn from listening to this person

And I'm sure his students will have a lasting memory

Of a fun, loving, strong person, with heaps of wisdom


May his family live in the knowledge that they had an

Exceptional father, husband and friend.





God has a special place for him in his Kingdom!  To think enough of his family, probably not knowing how he would touch the rest of the world, to put this lecture out there for all to see and hear and feel!

To those he has left behind; you have so much to be proud of!  Randy has left you all with a very special legacy.

May we all have this kind of effect on at least a few people in this world!

Randy, Rest In Peace!  We all thank you for what you shared with us!


Chris & Anna McIntyre



What A Dreamer!!  What A Life..What A Story To Inspire Us All

Be Happy In The "NOW"

Live Like You Were Dying

Randy Knew His Fate.

But Some Of Us Don't

Enjoy Life.. "Live"..... Like There Is No Tomorrow..   

Be Kind To All.

With My Joyous Respects To Randy's Wife And Children.

What A Remarkable Husband, Father And Human Being

Randy Pausch Gave Us All..... Something To Live For!!!

Randy Is Only A Smile Away.. 


Laura Reed

Thank you Sonny for sharing Randy with all of US!!



God Bless Randy Pausch's wife and kids.  I watched Randy on Oprah and cried the whole time.  I then borrowed the book he wrote from a friend at work.  I shed many tears reading that as well. 

I have great faith and know that the day that I get called HOME will be wonderful.  I will look for you there Randy.  To his family I say "Keep The Faith".


Sandi Hicks

BC, Canada




Hello,  Randy Pausch created a lot of positive energy in this world, all the way to Arizona!! 


A Latitudinarian




I have just watched this in New Zealand and would like to give my condolences to the family of this remarkable man, he is an inspiration and a legend, god bless him.

Lynette Ramsay

New Zealand




Say Hi to Tony Snow for me. You are both so much alike. An inspiration to all and more courage than most people. You are a true Hero!






My heart goes out to Richards family. What a legacy he let them, though. This story touched me many, many months ago when I first saw it. What a wonderful he was. And what powerful words and actions we should all live by.

With heartfelt sympathy,


Martie Hart

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma





Dr. Pausch was absolutely amazing, so optimistic/inspirational to say the least.  It would be wonderful if ALL of us could have his thoughts/feelings.  His family was so BLESSED to have him, as are we to have been able to be inspired by his SHARING.  Iím sure his family would have loved to have him in their lives much, much longer (an understatement for sure); however, they have to have such wonderful memories, and especially that he gave such optimism/hope to all of us.  GOD BLESS.


Ptown Gram-ME



This is so outstanding. I wish the whole world could hear this !!!! 





I have never been so enlightened by any comments until I listened to the last lecture. Then my own father died of Pancreatic Cancer on April 19th 2008. Randy's great words of wisdom & his insight have been a great comfort to us. He gave us laughter & wisdom as we watched my dad die. I am sorry for the loss, but grateful for the life that was Randy Pausch. What a dreamer!


Lauri Hopkins

Boise, ID  



Sonny, I can't tell you how much this video has meant to me.  I needed to see this more than you will ever know.  I also have cancer and have gone through multiple chemo treatments, along with radiation, etc., and was feeling so downtrodden and sorry for myself.  I know that, eventually, I will succumb to this horrible disease.  I now have a different perspective on what time I still have remaining in my life.  I am changing my thoughts and actions regarding my own life and I thank God that I was able to view this video of this remarkable man.  I would also like to thank you Sonny, for sharing this with everyone.  I think you are also a pretty remarkable man.  God Bless you and yours.


Jack Barnes




What beautiful words for us all to live by.  Our prayers go out to the family in their time of loss.


Becky K.

San Antonio, TX




May your Family find Peace knowing you are in A Better place. God Speed Dear One and Thank You for reminding us of Lifes importance.


Annie Griffin

Port Richey FL




My prayers go to his lovely wife and children, that God may give them the strength to endure through this difficult time and may they always remember the happy memories to comfort them in the sad moments. God bless.


Mrs. Sanchez-Abreu



I have been watching randy pausch for a few months.i have his last lecture in my favorites. He was one amazing man.Never saw anyone like him before, and am sure will never see anyone like him again.

may he rest in peace


mary harrell




In a word.....AWESOME...to leave that kind of legacy to you children is the ultimate show of Love.....may he rest in peace and may the family receive comfort from God and know he is watching over them...

Helen Clawges.

West Virginia





I am now past 75 and realize I am on the downslope of my life expectancy.  Randy Pausch has reminded me that every day of life and health is a day to celebrate and make the most of.  After listening to his wonderful lecture I am really trying to have an "attitude of gratitude"

each and every day.  I have had a bad habit of remembering sad/bad times in my life.  I realize now more than ever that it is a mistake to waste the good times of your life thinking about the bad times.  You can't go back and change anything....just move forward and make the most of every day.  Thank you so much, Randy.  Sleep in peace.

Sharon Lightfoot


Olympia, Wa




What a legacy this man leaves behind. My prayers are for his family and friends, as well of all of us whose lives he so deeply touched.

Marian Stanley




This is outstanding!  Please watch till the end....

Lisa McFarland

Greenborough, NC



DREAM ON, This is really a beauty. Thanks so much for sharing the story with all of us.

Julio Pacheco

Norfolk, VA



This was one of the most rewarding things I have seen on the Internet.

James A. (Jim) Rocha

Manteca, CA



I had so been struggling with a family relationship dominated by control, selfishness, and hurt.  It was today I learned my grandmother is dying and I was at odd on how what to do. Listening to your lecture gave me a perspective that I could not obtain otherwise.  I have chosen to go home, apologize, forgive, and ask how I can participate in healing hurt relationships.  I honor your courage and pray for your peace...your family will always be blessed by your words.

Cameo Long

Bossier City Louisiana



Thanks for sharing this mans wonderful story with us. I needed to hear this very much indeed.

Arlene Worth

Prince Albert,Sk,  Canada


This was absolutely beyond touching. I don't think I've ever cried happy tears in an Oprah episode. I have no other way to look at my life now other than in the way you just explained. You are an amazing person; and I'm not sure where you stand right now with your cancer, but where ever it is know you are a very inspirational person.





I have never seen or heard anything more profound than this. An absolutely amazing person. God Bless.

Bob Bohannon

Bellmawr, NJ



Randy Pausch is an inspiration to "youngsters" like myself. I am 77 years old and have been diagnosed with emphysema. The end is much nearer than I would wish it to be, but I am happy that I, too, have had good parents just as Randy had. A great family and a wonderful wife is also a blessing. In viewing Living Your Dream I am reminded of something my grandfather is credite with saying: "Train your eye to see, your mind to analyze and your heart to uncerstand." -- Randy Pausch, I understand your message and pray that Heavenly Father will welcome you as one of his favorite sons!

Ray Streib

Fairfield, California



It is unfortunate that so many only learn this lesson after a tragedy has come... I learned it a couple of years ago when my husband passed and my children have benefited from it so much. We have a saying in my house,,, take each day as it comes and make it great! We do a lot of playing and encouraging each other to do what they love in knowing the rest will come. I'm known as the fun one. people that have met me after my husband passed say quite often how they really have never seen me mad or get upset about things. I am sending this to all my friends, especially those who have children. What an inspiration and wonderful thing to have your children strive for. You and your family will be in our prayers.   With great respect in having lived without regret.


Las Vegas



God bless you Randy and God bless your family. I can not put into words how humble you have made me feel. Thank you and God bless again.

Stuart  Hammond

Dronfield, England



Thank you Randy. 


Today was not a good day for me. When I got home, I checked my email and this was in my In Box. Your lecture is truly inspirational and reminded me to emphasize the fun factor in my life, even if the day is not going well.  Thank you so much for that reminder. We all tend to let the little annoyances in life get us down.  Starting tomorrow, I will view the little annoyances in an entirely different way. God Bless You!

Kimberly Gore

Saratoga, CA



This really puts things into perspective.  After having a bad day I realize now that nothing is more important than today, tomorrow and our future together.  Live life to your fulliest because know one really knows what tomorrow will bring us.  All I can say is I wish Randy nothing but the very best in his remaining time he has with his entire family.  God bless him...

Thank you.


Very powerful, and moving.



Dear Sonny,

Once again you have shared something with me that has moved me to a different level, and I find myself humbled beyond belief. I often wonder what I would do if I knew for sure when I was going to die, and the answer is always the same. I would want to spend the rest of my time with the people that had the most influence on my life. They would be, and not necessarily in this order My Mother, MY Wife, Sister Margaret Ann, my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Robert Hania MY history teacher in high school, and a guy I refer to as Sonny. All of these folks inspired me at a time in my life that I felt I didn't have meaning. They saw things in me I could not see in myself, and they made me feel whole. I don't know if I could be as strong as this Father of three, but with people like you in my corner I will never have to face it alone.


Good Luck


God Bless

Tony Ciaravino



This gentleman is wonderful he has given something to everyone.



Just outstanding!!! What a role model he is & how strong!



Absolutely outstanding, thank you!



I have learned a lot from Mr. Pausch and he will leave footstep in all our hearts



This, as well as a lot of your content, is truly inspiring and hopefully taken to heart and hopefully we will play the game of life well also.

Thank you.



Fabulous, to say the least. I am an elderly woman, suffering from oesteo-arthritis in the lumbar region of my back, and the pain at times is very severe and hinders me from walking, and I do complain, but after listening to Randy's lecture it will certainly help me to stop and think of others that are worse off than me, (although) I do think of them, but maybe not often enough) we have become very self-centered and when I am having severe pain, I am like everyone else, but I have really had an "eye-opener" tonight. Thank you.  Humbly Vivian.



Great, to have such courage to talk about your last days without complaining. Will pray for you that your days might be more than you expect.




Your videos are great.
Leta Head Carter



Awesome! passed it to my son  in college. He said and did everything a parent wants for their children.  My prayers are with Randy and his family.



Life changing and uplifting in a way that helps everyone to appreciate life's circumstances from a positive perspective.  I just lost my mother and mother in law in the last five months--I wish they had told THEIR stories before dying, as they had and lived many of the messages that Randy shared.  I was blessed, and Randy's words help me to realize how I can continue to make a difference in these most important ways for others--I gave it my best as an elementary school teacher for 37 years!  THANKS, Randy!

Love, Judy



Thank you. (whew)



Well, if that didn't have any effect on you, you must be made of stone! Awesome lecture; much to think about!!!






This is very touching, but I would hate to think that I was getting ready to enter eternity and had not given any thought to facing God. The Bible tells us it is appointed unto man first to die, and then face the judgment. Hebrews 9:27 Thank you.








Dig out the Kleenex!!!



Each day is a great day










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