Date:  August 19, 2006                                        

For release:  Immediate                                 

Contact:  George Reynoso



Memorial Tribute to Steve Cronso

Family, friends, fans will celebrate life of El Paso / Las Cruces radio innovator

El Paso County Coliseum

12 noon to 7 p.m.   

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Program of speakers to honor Steve at 2 p.m.


    With the endorsement of his family, a respectful, yet powerful and moving memorial tribute to the late Steve Crosno has been organized by friends and fans to honor the El Paso/Las Cruces region’s most famous radio personality. 


     Over the course of about fifty years, Steve Crosno not only entertained his audience, but was a radio broadcasting innovator.  Crosno used production techniques, comedy, and music in English and Spanish to create a unique force that has been much-imitated, even far beyond the reach of his radio broadcasts, but never equaled. 


     The memorial at the El Paso County Coliseum on Sunday, September 10, 2006 will appropriately recognize and honor Steve Crosno’s importance to his community.  There will be an area for a processional with a traditional memorial display of an urn, flowers, candles, and a large photo of Steve where attendees may pay their respects.  They may then proceed to a display of memorabilia with radio artifacts, posters, photos, and attire associated with Crosno.    


     Throughout the memorial there will be selected music, a continuous multi-media photo presentation, several videos produced especially for the occasion, and photos from throughout Steve’s life and career accompanied by comments made about him by many of his adoring fans.   At 2 p.m. a formal program of speakers to recognize and honor Steve Crosno will include El Paso and Las Cruces public officials, clergy, dignitaries, family, friends and fans.  


     The organizers of the memorial are offering members of the general public an opportunity to participate in the event as honorary ushers.  Those interested may pick up a Steve Crosno Memorial Usher form to fill out at all El Paso and Las Cruces area Kinko’s.  The number of ushers will be limited and not all persons filling out the forms may be chosen.  Therefore, participants will be asked to explain in a sentence why they believe they should be selected as an usher.  They will also need to purchase an official Steve Crosno Memorial t-shirt to wear at the event.  Prospective volunteers may contact Yvonne Sapien-Sanchez at (915) 861-1069 for more information.


      For additional information about the Steve Crosno Memorial event contact George Reynoso

at 915-594-9900.